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    Bluff NZ 1989 Built 1976 as Hindustan for Common Bros 1976 Amokura 1993 Transporter LT 2001 Global Spirit 2003 Global Spirit III 2005 Northsea 29/5/2007 hit by lightning off Benin burnt out and sank with loss of 7 lives.
  2. Amokura

    Bought at collectables fair. Says on the back: Amokura arriving Wellington, 9.3.1980. A good long life for a modern tanker, if a somewhat bizarre end. Amokura Built: 1980 Swan Hunter, South Shields Tonnage: 19,867grt Owners: Marsden Point Tankers Ltd, Nova Scotia, managed by Union SSCo while...
  3. Amokura

    The NZ Coastal tanker Amokura approaching Whangarei Heads to load at Marsden Point oil refinery. 1990
  4. Amokura

    Another shot of the Amokura incident at Napier. here a wedge of Concrete wharf is being removed from number 1 starboard. Lindsay Butter field
  5. Amokura

    'AMOKURA', slid into the knuckle of No.5 North at Napier late afternoon on Sunday 14th September 1986 while under pilotage of the Deputy Harbourmaster Capt. John Hazell . Ship was under command of John Marshall , Paul Searell was Chief officer , Reg Simpson Chief Engineer . She demolished...
1-5 of 5 Results