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  1. lokholmen3.jpg

    Lokholmen, a regular visitor to the Mersey. Entering river past Gladstone Dock, en route to Stanlow. 24 hours later she was in mid english channel heading to Holland. Image: 02 May 2022

    Swedish cargo ship AMSTERDAM of 1903 built by Lindbergs Varv, Stockholm for Svea. 1952 sold to Valentino Schiano di Zenise, Naples, Italy renamed TONY, 1955 sold to Antonio Colandrea, Naples, 1958 converted into a motorship, 21st December 1979 wrecked in storm, 1980 scrapped. GRT 1,949. Some...
  3. Amsterdam

    This is an open dock system situated about 30 miles from the sea, and connected to it by means of a ship canal.So says the caption to this picture. I thought that had to be Manchester, but could not get Google to find me an aerial photograph that did overlap this in any significant degree...
  4. AMSTERDAM timber dock

    Unknown ship in the foreground, name may have four characters (something like JA?n or DA?N). Funnel sign shows an M.

    Dutch Wijsmuller tug AMSTERDAM upon her return from the U.K. after 5 years of war service. Identification Data Year built: 1938 Classification Register: Bureau Veritas (BV) Nat. Official Number: 430 Z HAARL 1938 Category: Tug Propulsion: Steamship Type: Tug Masts: Two masts Material...

    The ship was built by Earle's Shipbuilding, Hull for the Great Eastern Railway and launched on 24 January 1894 by Mrs. Van Hasselt, wife of one of the Directors of the Holland Railway. Many members of Amsterdam Town Council were present at the launch, which showed the importance of this new...
  7. Amsterdam

    Amsterdam (oil painting on panel 30x24cm)
  8. News and Views from the Shipping World
    The Port of Amsterdam will soon get a new factory that will be able to convert unrecyclable plastic into fuel for ships. The processing of plastic waste is expected to cut CO₂ emissions by 57,000 tons per year, compared to today’s manner of waste management. Bin2Barrel, a Dutch company...

    Identification Data Year built: 1921 Classification Register: Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR) Category: Passenger-/cargo vessel Propulsion: Steamship Type: General Cargo Type Deck: Shelterdeck open Material Hull: Steel Decks: 3 Construction Data Shipbuilder: Lithgows Ltd., Glasgow...
  10. Amsterdam

    Seen from on board the Leonid Sobinov but where? My guess was Amsterdam and as per comments this was correct
  11. AMSTERDAM, Oostelijke Handelskade

    Great atmospheric photo of the (un)loading activities in the port of Amsterdam, in this case the Oostelijke Handelskade. The vessel PRINSES JULIANA of 1910, owned by Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland, is just part of the scenery.
  12. Amsterdam - Dry Dock

    35,000 T floating dry dock - Amsterdam (per writing on slide). British Soldier in dry dock. Slide taken September 7, 1968.

    AMSTELHOEK IMO 5015359 1960 completed by C. van der Giessen, Krimpen for Rederij N.V. Amsterdam (later Holland Bulk Transport N.V.) 12.089GRT, 13.819tdw, 5.400bhp 2SA 6Cy. Werkspoor/Sulzer, 13kn 1973 lib. GREENVILLE 1982 saud. AL FADH 1985 broken up Alang

    AMSTELHOF IMO 5423233 1964 completed by Verolme Cork Dockyard Ltd., Cork for Rederij N.V. "Amsterdam" 19.985GRT, 33.475tdw, 10.800bhp 2SA 9Cy. Verolme/MAN, 14kn 1979 gr. RIO LINDO 1984 broken up Yantai, China

    AMSTELKROON IMO 5015361 1952 completed by A. Vuyk & Zonen, Capelle for Rederij N.V. "Amsterdam" 8.076GRT, 12.003tdw, 4.200bhp 2SA 6Cy. Sulzer Bros. Ltd., Winterthur, 11.5kn 1968 cypr. ARCHIGETIS 1974 pa. LEOPARD No.2 1976 GOOD FORTUNE I 1978 stranded

    AMSTELVELD IMO 5015438 1960 completed by Scheepsw. "De Biesbosch", Dordrecht for Rederij N.V. "Amsterdam" (later Holland Bulk Transport N.V.) 10.980GRT, 12.449tdw, 5.600bhp 8Cy. 2SA Werkspoor/Sulzer, 13kn Sister ships: AMSTELSLUIS (1957), AMSTELMOLEN (1959) and many similar vessels...


    Built 1928, GRT 6951, British Tanker Company (later BP). Scrapped 1957.
  19. Amsterdam

1-19 of 89 Results