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  1. Ship Research
    Hello My question is about Anchor Line's SS Roumania, that run aground in Foz do Arelho, Portugal in 1892. Locally my interest about this shipwreck is well know, so recently I was given a very precious present, from an old friend. My friend Jorge, had been telling me that he had an oil lamp...
  2. Anchor liner = CASTALIA

    Anchor liner is written on this photo but looking through my Anchor Line material cannot identify her so wondering if anyone might be able to put a name to her.
  3. Anchor Line

    Posted advertisement for Anchor Line list of vessels and rates.
  4. Star Acadia

    Anchor Line, Star bulk carriers, along with sister Star Assyria where the two modern ships when I sailed on the Glenmoor.
  5. Eucadia

    Anchor Line, warbuilt standard ship
  6. Sidonia

    Anchor Line, good looking ship, pity they sold these ships
  7. Glenmoor

    On the buoys at Aden 1970, first trip on my own, joined in Birkenhead out to India & Pakistan via Durban and Red Sea ports, general out and the dreaded crushed bones for cardiff, can still remember the taste let alone the smell
  8. A pair of reprobates!

    Myself (Dave Heald) and another cadet (Tony Lanni from Leith, I believe!) having a discussion about alcohol! Probably MV Exmoor or Eucadia. 1975 or 76 Anybody know either of us??
  9. Dave Heald

    ME!!!!! In my cabin on MV ? Approx. 1975. My desk today is still just as untidy!!
  10. Caledonia

    Anchor line/Runcimans CALEDONIA, crossing the caribbean, en route Puerto Ordaz to New Orleans (1975-ish)
  11. Eucadia

    The Anchor Line vessel, EUCADIA, from 1974 (I think!). Scanned from a framed photograph I bought from a "bum-boat" in either Bombay or Karachi, during my sevice in her in '74.
  12. Caledonia

    Anchor Line, passing Greenock in sixties. All black, a white line around hull would have been nice
1-12 of 12 Results