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  1. Angelina Lauro

    Lauro Lines ex Oranje
  2. Angelina Lauro

    Lauro Lines Arguably one of the most beautiful liner conversions ever carried out. Sad that both she and Achille Lauro came to such tragic ends
  3. Angelina Lauro

    Lauro Lines The Italian conversion to the former Dutch liner Orange produced a ship with beautiful lines and impressive internal decor

    Cape Town 1970
  5. Angelina Lauro

    Angelina Lauro departing Melbourne, October, 1970.
  6. Angelina Lauro

    Angelina Lauro alongside at (Port Adelaide-Outer Harbo(u)r) on 4SEP1971.
  7. Angelina Lauro

    Outer Harbour, (PT ADELAIDE) on 2AUG1970. Shows off the 'tumbleholm' hull.
  8. ANGELINA LAURO off Fremantle

    Angelina Lauro, ex Oranje, off Fremantle in May 1972. The Italians made a lovely conversion job.
1-9 of 9 Results