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    Arrives at Melbourne
  2. ANL Bass Trader

    Shot taken on: 20/11/06 Seen here off Lower Sandy Bay downstream from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia heading for sea as she discharges the pilot. Shot taken by: Rex Cox and posted with his permisson
  3. ANL Bass Trader

    Shot taken on: 24/11/07 Seen here arriving in Bell Bay in Northern Tasmania, Australia. Her normal run is between Bell Bay and Melboure but she does make semi regular visits to Burnie on Tasmania's North West Coast and down to Hobart in Tasmania's south
  4. ANL Bass Trader

    The ANL Bass Traders seen here berthed at Macquarie Wharf no 4 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia making her second visit to Hobart. The ship normaly operates between Bell Bay in Northern Tasmania and Melbourne on the Australian mainland. It is not sure why she came to Hobar this time. Her...
  5. ANL Bass Trader

    IMO: 9132399 Seen here along side the No 2 berth at Bell Bay in Northern Tasmania, Australia. She visits Bell Bay several times a week traveling between Melbourne on the Australian Mainland, Bell Bay Burnie also in Northern Tasmania
1-12 of 12 Results