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  1. Annegret

    Another heavy-lift heading to Dampier, Western Australia.

    Hi all, today I want to show you a pic of ANNEGRET, a heavy lifter of SAL (Schiffahrtskontor Altes Land, Hamburg). Here she entered the Brunsbüttel locks on 15/05/2008. Vessels of this type (Sietas-class 161A) are my favourites. Here are some additional info about her: 2000...
  3. Annegret

    Inbound into Brisbane, seen off Caloundra. Two heavy tugs on board for Newcastle

    Heavy lift cargo vessel ANNEGRET arriving in Brisbane 19 May 2010 wiht the two Svitzer tugs, Svitzer Menja (L) and Svitzer Mercur (R), on board. They were on delivery to Newcastle, Australia. Built: 2000 8,397 Grt 9,359 Dwt 151.58m x 20.66m x 7.8m 19.5 knots Flag: Antigua & Barbuda...
1-4 of 4 Results