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  1. Annuity

    Everard's 1961 built 1,599 gr ton Annuity hastens downriver off Tilbury in 1978.

    F.T. Everard's ANNUITY, built at Goole in 1961, was photographed by the late Dick Parsons, presumably at Antwerp. In 1983 she became THETA TRIENNA, in 1986 BLUE EYES, in 1987 JET VI and in 1988 PROMETHEUS. Her fate is unknown.
  3. Annuity, now renamed Gustavo u

    Annuity, which has been lying in Birkenhead for around 3 months, moved on 30/10/08. to no1 West Float, and was renamed Gustavo u, reg Panama.
  4. Annuity

    Annuity alongside in Birkenhead, at the old Vacuum Pioneer berth
  5. Annuity

    At Scapa pier,5/12/07.

    Everards tanker annuity, just off bollard quay gorleston side of the port of great yarmouth 17/4/07.
  7. Annuity

    Passing Tilbury, 21/3/81
1-7 of 7 Results