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  1. KY 58

    KY 58 in Anstruther harbour early 1989
  2. Fifie steering gear

    Anstruther early1989 May be"Shetlander/Reaper FR958 waiting for spring maintenance.
  3. Ainster ( local name for Anstruther )

    Finnaly got round to finnishing this one
  4. Anstruther Lifeboat 33

    Anstruther Lifeboat just pre-war with the new Liverpool Class, The Nellie and Charlie - the first motor lifeboat at Anstruther, taking visitors on a demo launch just after being commissioned in July 1933. One very clear picture in a series of 3 showing the low tide launch during a gala day.
  5. Anstruther Lifeboat 1935

    The Nellie and Charlie returning into Anstruther harbour at high tide, probably winter 1935/6, the picture was taken just as she entered the outer harbour entrance. Very few photos exist of the boat under sail or even rigged whilst leaving or returning to the harbour, which ties with the...
  6. Anstruther Lifeboat 1936 ish

    Liverpool class Lifeboat the Nellie and Charlie being recovered at the Anstruther lifeboat station around 1936, she was the first motor Lifeboat at Anstruther and was the first J Samuel White built Liverpool Class motor lifeboat, ON764. She commenced her service in 1933, leaving the RNLI in...
1-6 of 6 Results