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  1. Blue Funnel Line
    Dear All, This oil paining by Merseyside artist J. A. Drinkwater shows the Antenor of 1957 in her brief (1972-3) incarnation as the Ocean Steamship Company's Dymas. Dated 1986, three years after the ship was scrapped (as the Kaiyun), it is a historical depiction, possibly painted to order for...
  2. Antenor

    A model of the Blue Funnel Line vessel Antenor, built by Palmer's in 1925, on display at the Maryport Museum
  3. VB Spartel

    In Gibraltar on the 4th April. Daniel

    Blue Funnel Line's 1957 built ANTENOR at Avonmouth Later: 1970:GLENLOCHY 1972: DYMAS 1973: KAIYUN (Ocean Tramping) Scrapped Huangpu 83

    Nice shot of this Blue Flue built at Walker in 1957. She transferred to Glen Line as GLENLOCHY in the 1960s and sold on she went to Chinese breakers as KAI YUN in 1983.

    Blue Funnel Line's ANTENOR was photographed at Avonmouth by the late Dick Parsons. Built by Vickers-Armstrong at Newcastle in 1957, she was transferred to Glen Line in 1970 and renamed GLENLOCHY, reverting to Blue Funnel Line in 1972 to becaome DYMAS before sale in 1973 to China for operation...
  7. Antenor

    I sailed in this one in 1960, Bosun was Jack Cleary.
  8. Antenor at Port Swettenham.

    M.V. Antenor at Port Swettenham during the late 60's. Super P alongside in the background.
  9. Antenor

    M/V Antenor outward bound in the Bay of Biscay. 1967 I think.
1-10 of 10 Results