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  1. Appledore Lifeboat

    Appledore Lifeboat

    A closer view of Mollie Hunt having a good old roll around at her moorings (17-12-11)
  2. Appledore Tamar

    Appledore Tamar

    Mollie Hunt (16-16) at her moorings in the Taw / Torridge Estuary 17-12-11


    APPLEDORE is seen passing Portishead, outbound from Avonmouth, on 8th June 1964. She was built by Wm.Gray at West Hartlepool on 1953 and delivered to Michalinos (Maritime Shipping and Trading, London) She was sold later in 1964 and renamed PERSIAN ROXANA, then in 1967 MARIGO F. before arriving at
  4. Appledore lifeboat

    Appledore lifeboat

    Appledore lifeboat George Gibson leaving harbour on exercise.
  5. Appledore


    The tramp steamer "Appledore"southbound in the Red Sea in 1964. Built in 1953 by William Gray for Michalinos & Co of London. An open shelter deck vessel of 5842 gross tons she was powered by a steam reciprocating engine exhausting into a low pressure turbine to give a speed of 12 knots. Sold in