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  1. Aquarius

    In Gibraltar on the 17th October. Daniel
  2. Aquarius

    Hellenic Mediterranean Lines Seen at Piraeus in July 1980
  3. Aquarius Ace with Tugs and Groyne

    Another one of Aquarius Ace showing the Tyne entrance, escorting tugs and the Groyne on the South side of the entrance of the river Tyne.
  4. Aquarius Ace entering the Tyne

    Taken from the 'Little Haven' hotel where I was staying for a couple of days during a family wedding visit to S.Shields in May 2015
  5. Aquarius

    Running for home on a poor day
  6. Aquarius

    MFV Aquarius entering Amble Harbour yesterday in a NE gale
  7. aquarius

    outside lerwick last week
  8. aquarius

    heard on SIBC today he took in 2 wh windows w shetland,
  9. aquarius

    otter few days ago
  10. aquarius

    towing out west
  11. aquarius

    towing otter last trip

    Photo taken at Terneuzen (the Netherlands) on August 29, 2008
  13. AQUARIUS INS 286 105-0519JPG

  14. Dina Aquarius

    Dina Aquarius at Aberdeen Nov 06 ex Aquarius ex Stirling Aquarius ex Star Aquarius originally a Viking vessel.
  15. BF 89 AQUARIUS

  16. Aquarius INS286

    Traditional wooden seiner Aquarius, INS 286, arriving Oban, mid 80's. Altough retro fitted with 'shelters', still had lovely lines. A long gone fleet of similar designs with inspiring names:- Harmony, Alert, Faithful, Eminent, Strathnairn, etc, etc
1-17 of 17 Results