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  1. Arabella

    The Arabella loading wool from bullock wagons at Ninety Mile Beach, Vic., Australia An iron three-masted barque, built in 1876 by Bartram, Haswell and Co., Sunderland. (Yard Nr.: 86) (177.7x31.2x17.4 ft.) (687 BRT / 627 NRT) Febr. 1876 : Launched for E. Hick, Scarborough, England. 1895...

    Photo taken at Gent (Belgium) on August 21, 2008
  3. M/S ARABELLA, drinks in the cabin

    Here we are having a beer or two on the Norwegian bulk carrier M/S Arabella 1971. Frank
  4. M/S ARABELLA, Fishing

    Here we are of the coast of Newfoundland Canada 1971, I am on the M/S Arabella and being a Norwegian ship the Captain liked to eat fresh fish (so did I), when ever we were near any of the fishing area's, the Captain would stop the ship over the fishing banks and out would come the hand lines...

    A view of the foredeck on the bulk carrier M/S Arabella (not alot of gear), the hatches are open as we are waiting to unload iron ore in Newport. Frank

    I took this photo of the ship in two halves, as you can see the halves were not exact. We are in Newport, Wales waiting to transfer to the discharge pier. The M/S Arabella was a Norwegian bulk carrier, I sailed on her in 1971. We were on charter to British Steel, so we always came back to the...
1-6 of 6 Results