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  1. Arafura

    AJCL's Arafura seen at newcastle NSW approx 1988? working containers at 4WB. Boat drill underway also.

    Bluff NZ 13/6/1998 First gearless cellular container ship to exchange containers at Bluff. However she was not the first gearles container ship to visit as NZ Mariner, Australian Trader and Australia Star had called for various reasons in 1980's. Built 1970 as Arafura 1991 Chitral...
  3. Arafura

    Sent by Eastern and Australian in the 1960's. Arafura Built: 1954 Barclay Curle, Whiteinch Tonnage: 8,755grt Owners: Eastern and Australian Line 1970: R/n Tanda 1972: Broken up at Kaohsiung. Not sure whether this is the right category--how many passengers?

  5. Arafura

1-6 of 6 Results