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  1. ARAHANGA at Picton

    New Zealand train ferry built at Clydebank in 1972 and scrapped at Alang in 2001.
  2. Rail ferry ARAHANGA

    Arahanga clearing Diefenbach Point enroute from Picton to Wellington via Tory Channel. Viewed from above the port bridge wing about 1992
  3. Arahanga loading

    2/O dave Truscott on vehicle deck at Picton 1994
  4. Arahanga Officers lounge

    I took these pics in 1994 as a record. Not much of interest without people.
  5. R/Os cabin Arahanga

    The R/Os cabin in 1994 unchanged from build in 1972. It was okay but the bulkheads were pretty thin.
  6. ARAHANGA Purser

    Purser Graham Wagstaff prepares to begin his loading duties at Picton. Early 90s
  7. Arahanga vehicle loading

    Vehicle deck loading operations at night in Wellington early 90s Dave James is the 2/O
  8. Arahanga loading

    Vehicle deck loading operations at Wellington early 90s
  9. Arahanga loading

    Vehicle deck loading operations at Wellington early 90s, Bill de Lange is the 2/O
  10. Vehicle deck ARAHANGA

    Vehicle deck Loading operations at Wellington early 90s
  11. Room for one more

    Arahanga tops up with cars
  12. Arahanga almost full below.

    Cramming in as much as we can.
  13. Arahanga turn around

    More shots of Arahanga from mid 80s
  14. Loading the Rail Deck on Arahanga

    Mate Richard Davis at right and Purser Graham Wagstaff are in the picture. Probably about 1985 but not sure
  15. Keith Lingard

    Keith Lingard C/O of Arahanga on the Rail Deck about 1985.

    NZ Railway's first cargo ferry ARAHANGA on the dry dock in Wellington in about 1974. This picture is taken from ARATIKA which is in her original configuration as a cargo/road truck only ferry. Her ballast tanks can be seen aft.
  17. ARAHANGA Outward Bound 2000

    Arahanga Passing Point Dorset
1-17 of 17 Results