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  1. Arakan


    1978 / 1050t disp. Built by Brooke Marine, Lowestoft (418) Landing craft operated by the Royal Corps of Transport Designed to carry up to 350tons (up to 5 Chieftain Tanks ) loaded onto open beached through bow doors. Army Owned and tasked, was mainly used to support RA ranges in the Hebridies Se
  2. Army Landing Craft (Tank) at St Kilda

    Army Landing Craft (Tank) at St Kilda

    This was a very common sight at St Kilda in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, as the Army base on Hirta depended on services provided by LCTs from Cairnryan (initially). This effort attempts to show the LCT 'Arakan' (L4003) on the 'hard' at Village Bay, in the late afternoon light. I was used to similar