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    ARALUEN, owned by Australind S.S. (Trinder, Anderson), was photographed by the late Richard Parsons as she lay second off at West Wharf 5 berth, Avonmouth Built at Middlesbrough in 1959, she was lengthened in 1966 but sold in 1971 to Far East interests, Anglo-Eastern Shipping Co Ltd of Hong Kong, b
  2. Araluen


    Araluen (after lengthening) Built: 1958 Smith's Dock, South Bank Tonnage: 8,485grt Owners: Australind Steam Shipping Co(Trinder Anderson) 1966: Lengthened, 9,009grt 1971: Sold to Tai Shan Shipping, r/n 'Tai Shan' 1977: Sold to Rockferry Shipping, r/n 'Rockferry' 1982: Broken up, Kaohsiung.
  3. Araluen in Newport Dock

    Araluen in Newport Dock

    Interesting dock, had to get in at the right stage of the tide, or you missed. There was a pub to the left, a brewer just around the corner and a bookies to the right. What a berth, except that you had to bo ashore for the loo.
  4. Suez Canal

    Suez Canal

    Passing through the canal on the Araluen. Note the boat for the just in case of engine problems, or sand storms, or what ever.
  5. Araluen, more weather

    Araluen, more weather

    crossing the Indian ocean. Photos follow each other, even the deck was wet, and my feet. Lucky shot/
  6. Araluen


    The "Araluen" at Lyttelton. This is before they spoilt her appearance by lengthening her. Later had the names "Tai Shan" and "Rockferry" before being broken up at Kaohsiung in 1982.
  7. Araluen


    Ship at Townsville loading to sugar 1962.