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  1. 50th Anniversary Poster

    to celebrate the presence of RO RO on Cook strait. GMV Aramoana 1962 - 1984
  2. Aramoana

    Given to me by a friend in the 1960's.Looks like a publicity photo. Aramoana Built: 1962 Tonnage: 4,343grt Captain Nicolas V(1984), Aramoana(1984-86), Najd II(1986-96), Niaxco III(1996), scrapped 1996.
  3. Aramoana @ Wellington

    Aramoana at her final layup berth in Wellington before she was sold and left NZ forever.

    ARAMOANA at RFT1 probably in 1968 looking like she has just come off survey. Showing the original NZR funnel.
  5. Aramoana

    Aeamoana comming out for a trip. The Wellington Floating dock with Tranaglos befind it.

    The well known N.Z.paseengers,train and car ferry,built Wm. Denny Ltd Dumbarton for when she was built in 1962.
1-6 of 6 Results