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  1. Archimedes

    Cairns 30/04/2010 IMO No. 1009637 Call Sign: ZCDY4, 356DWT Built 2008 Flag: Bermuda
  2. Archimedes in Whitehills

    Sailing Yacht Archimedes in Whitehills harbour NE Scotland today.
  3. Archimedes, 1960

    From a scrapbook of photos bought at second-hand bookshop. Archimedes Built: 1960 Tonnage: 5,710grt (lengthened 1967, tonnage: 6,235grt) Owners: Royal Netherlands SSCo Marika T.(1977-83), Grigorousa(1983-85), Broken up, Gadani Beach, 1985.

    First propeller steamship (Smith 1839)
1-6 of 6 Results