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    S/S ARCTURUS Passenger steamer, one deck & spar deck Passengers: I: 67, II: 72 Ice class: I A Tonnages: 2,067 GRT, 1,117 NRT, 1,217 tdw Length over all: 88.95 m - 291' 0" Breadth: 11.57 m - 37' 9½" Draught: 6.35 m - 20' 0" Engine: Triple steam engine 3 cy. by the shipbuilders. Horse...

    Pilot boat ARCTURUS seen during her sea trials. She would be stationed at Flushing (Vlissingen). There was accommodation for 24 pilots.

    Finland Steamship Company Ltd. / Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget (FÅA). Built 1899, GRT 2155, 1957 scrapped Germany. Apart from the war years, very little loss of tonnage occurred. The only major incident being the collision between the OBERON and ARCTURUS on 19th Dec.1930 in the Kattegat...
  4. arcturus

    scalloway tonight
  5. Arcturus

    Headin north, east o fetlar.
  6. arcturus

    coming in by hamnavoe wed afternoon.
  7. arcturus

    towing balti few days ago
  8. arcturus

    balta monday afternoon
  9. Arcturus

    The first steam ship to serve the route Copenhagen-Faeroe Islands-Iceland. Built in England 1856 as Victor Emanuel. Bought to Denmark in 1858 and renamed. Sailed the following 10-12 years on the North Atlantic route.
  10. arcturus

    in bluemull sound
  11. arcturus

    heading out few days ago

    Turkey 1977. A survivor of two world wars and in her last year of service she was 63 years of age at this stage of her life.She was one of the oldest vessels in the world trading commercially however her year mate the Doulos would carry on for many years after the demise of the Manioglu in...

    Other half of the pair leaving scalloway, passing fisheries college.
  14. arcturus

    flugga last trip
  15. arcturus

    lerwick 8 am today
1-20 of 27 Results