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  1. Ardmore

    Afternoon session, San Francisco during dry-dock. L to r... R/O Richard Searle??, D.cadets Neil Bevan, Nigel Seymour, Huw Bevan and John Crisp.
  2. Ardmore.

    A motley crew of cadets, MV Ardmore 1980. L to R... Billy, Neil Bevan, ??, Nigel Seymour, me (Alastair Crawford), Huw Bevan, Richard ??, Hank, Lloyd??. We had been experimenting with DIY haircuts!
  3. Ardmore PD107

    Ardmore lying in lossie in the early nineties, not sure where it went from here, but it wasn't fishing at the time.
1-3 of 3 Results