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  1. Ariel

    Steam ship Ariel at Amsterdam (oil painting on panel 30x24cm)
  2. ARIEL

    The British barque (according to the description of the photo 'tea clipper') ARIEL at the Wilton yard at Schiedam for maintenance.
  3. ARIEL

    Yet another fine picture of KNSM's ARIEL of 1889. Identification Data Year built: 1889 Category: Cargo vessel Propulsion: Steamship Type: General Cargo Type Deck: Raised quarter deck Material Hull: Steel Decks: 1 Construction Data Shipbuilder: N.V. Maatschappij 'De Maas'...
  4. Ariel

    Reefer ARIEL
  5. Ariel

    Salens Ariel
  6. Ariel

    Brazilian steamer ARIEL, Navegação Savonia Sa., Rio de Janeiro. Any may add data-base, which will be much aprreciated? Seen somewhere in a Brazilian port circa 1957.
  7. Ariel

    Painting by Jack Spurling. Ariel was once ''The fastest thing afloat''. Built in Greenock 1865 by Robert Steele. 852t. She was lost without trace in 1872.
  8. BLUFF Harbour

    Oyster boat Ariel 2007
  9. Ariel

    Claimed by the British to be the fastest thing afloat at her time. Should be an accurate portrait. (Detail of painting.)
  10. ARIEL

    This b/c was the first in a series of five,built by Uddevalla 1961 for C.H. Sorensen & Sonner Arendal,the capacity of the cargo holds were 852,000 cu.ft. grain.11,000 g.t.She became WELL RUNNER and scrapped in 80s.
  11. Ariel

    photo in Istanbul 6/4/2006 Built by Shin Yamamoto, Kochi (191) as HOSHUN MARU 1979 JEWON 1986 DOOYANG LEADER 1993 ARIEL
1-11 of 11 Results