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  1. park50a.jpg

    Ark Royal 14 November 1941 after being torpedoed by the U81. She later sank.

    Fitting out at Cammell Lairds.

    In commission Feb 1955 to Feb 1979. Seen here at 'Mud Flat' buoys a few months after paying off. She was scrapped at Cairnryan 1980 - 83.

    Heading out to sea after refit at Rosyth Dockyard

    HMS Ark Royal leaving Rosyth Dockyard after refit
  6. Ark Royal

    Gannet mk 5 (COD) on the forward lift of Ark Royal, about to be readied for flight and to collect mail from ashore.
  7. Ark Royal and Blue Rover

    Ark Royal and Blue Rover about to RAS at Warwick International Boat show
  8. Ark Royal

    Ark Royal steaming into the sunset at Warwick International model boat show 2018.
  9. Ark Royal

    Ark Royal on trots Plymouth Interestingly in this photo you can see the Metrological weather balloon hanger on the port side of the aft platform, the circular band stand was the aft Sea Cat mounting base (never equipped) and the area below the hatch and ladder was where the bosun dinghy's were...
  10. Ark Royal

    1980. Ark Royal now striped of all useful equipment lies on the trots off Mashfords boat yard (West Mud) awaiting call to breakers. The majority of spare equipment went to Hermes and Blake. The two double bedstead type 965 radars went into the spares pool for Counties and type 42 destroyers...
  11. Ark Royal

    port turn underway up the Tamar passing Cremyll buoy to port, all towards her final starboard turn up the Hamoaze. By now she was completely de- ammunitioned and on minimal fuel reserves and stores. The SPN ground control radar (white dome aft of the island) was already earmarked for Portland...
  12. HMS Ark Royal 1978

    Ark Royal now past the Narrows, swinging to port keeping channel bouys; Cremyll to port, heading for a track between West Mud and South Rubble to starboard before turning hard starboard and heading up the Hamoaze to her berth.
  13. HMS Ark Royal 1978

    Beautiful close up image of the 'old lady' entering Devonport for her final time. still looking the part, however inside she was falling apart, there were no extra miles in her tank!
  14. HMS Ark Royal 1978

    Ark Royal passing Devils Point to starboard A royal marine band were playing their hearts out as she steamed quietly past. Myself and many others forgo the morning school bus to watch her entry from the Cremyll side
  15. HMS Ark Royal 1978

    Ark Royal approaching the Narrows for her final entrance into Devonport.
  16. HMS Ark Royal 1978

    Ark Royal returning from her final deployment, paying off pennant rigged. Carrier approaching the Narrows between Cremyll and Devils point. two Wessex Mk 1 SAR flight remaining on forward part of flight deck with Sea King Mk2's aft. The Wessex Mk1 aircraft also passed into retirement within a...
  17. HMS Ark Royal 1978

    Ark Royal heading out to sea from Devonport passing Devils Point on her port side. Last deployment. 6 Sea King Mk2's from 824 squadron embarked. One aircraft was striped of sonar equipment as it acted as the Carrier Onboard Delivery aircraft (COD) (successor to the Gannet mk5)
  18. Ark Royal

    1:72 model of Ark Royal displayed at Yeovilton Airday 2017. Gannet mk3 commencing low flypast from astern.
  19. Ark Royal

    Ark Royal leaving her reserve moorings as she started the long trip to the breakers. Image taken from Cremyll ferry.
1-19 of 97 Results