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    German liner ARKADIA passing the Hem Bridge in the North Sea Canal near Zaandam.
  2. Arkadia

    Once Furness Withy's elegant Monarch of Bermuda The Greek liner Arkadia had also seen service as New Australia for Shaw Savill before settling into her new ownership which continued the emigrant liner role. Her new profile was comfortable enough and immensely better than some less fortunate...
  3. Arkadia

    Greek Line Former Monarch of Bermuda and New Australia, shown as in service on the North Atlantic from North European ports
  4. Arkadia

    ARKADIA plus Elliot's VANQUISHER linked to this ;
  5. Arkadia

    Greek pass/cargo liner ARKADIA, imo 5502442/ 176m/ 20.260gt/ 20kn/ pax 1.350; 11/1931 completed by Vickers Armstrongs Ltd, Newcastle, as MONARCH OF BERMUDA for Furness Withy & Co., Hamilton, Bermuda; 1939 converted to troopship, MoWT; 1947 during her re-conversion to peacetime operations at...
  6. Monarch of Bermuda

    Monarch of Bermuda, Furness Bermuda Line, Vickers Armstrong Newcastle ,1931
  7. Arkadia

    Arkadia of Greek Line in her later years of service to Canada and some cruising. Partly glass enclosing of Promenade deck was only later added. The high build up at the stern was the children's play room.
  8. Arkadia

    Back of photo says 'Arkadia' of the Greek Line, arriving Amsterdam 17 Nov 1959. Arkadia Built: 1931 Vickers-Armstrong, Newcastle-on-Tyne Tonnage: 20,648grt Owners: Greek Line 1931: Built as 'Monarch of Bermuda' for Furness, Withy 1949: Sold to Shaw Savill and Albion, r/n New Australia...
  9. Arkadia

    at Liverpool 1958 ex Monarch of Bermuda ex New Australia
  10. Arkadia

    Finnish bulker Arkadia in Helsinki Finland year 1988. Owned by Etelä-Suomen Laiva (now ESL-Shipping). Made in Nippon Kokan (Japan) 1983. Engine Sulzer 6 RLB 66
1-12 of 12 Results