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    AROSA SUN photographed at IJmuiden as accommodation ship for the steel factory workers. Built 1930 at St. Nazaire, broken up 1974 at Bilbao. Ex FELIX ROUSSEL (MM).
  2. Arosa Sun

    Arosa Line The former Felix Roussel of Messageries Maritimes when put into the North Atlantic service of her new owners She later became an accommodation ship
  3. Arosa Sun

    The Dutch owned Arosa Sun at Ijmuiden Sept 1965
  4. Arosa Sun

    From a scrapbook of mainly Dutch ships. Arosa Sun began as a French ship, became Panamanian, and was broken up in Spain. Photo shows her arriving at Ijmuiden 27.9.1960. Arosa Sun Built: 1930 A. & Ch. de la Loire, St. Nazaire Tonnage: 16,753grt Owners: Arosa Line, Panama 1930: Built as Felix...
1-4 of 5 Results