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  1. Limerick at Auckland

    Limerick at Auckland, c. 1960's. Built: 1952 A Stephen and Sons, Linthouse Tonnage: 6,443grt Owners: Avenue Shipping Co 1952: Built as 'Enton' for Birt, Potter and Hughes 1955: To the newly-formed Avenue Sg Co, r/n 'Limerick' 1969: To British India SN, r/n 'Howra' 1972: Sold to Guan Guan...
  2. Kildare at Auckland

    Kildare at Auckland Built: 1955 by Crown at Monkwearmouth Tonnage: 7,790grt Chartered to: Avenue Sg Co 1955: Built as 'Thistledhu' for Albyn Line 1957: Chartered to: Avenue Sg Co, r/n 'Kildare' 1960: To Albyn Line, r/n 'Thistledhu' 1967: Sold to Chapman and Willan, r/n 'Merton' 1968...
  3. Australind (IV), Auckland

    Australind (IV), Auckland Harbour c.1960's Built: 1961 Bartram, South Dock Tonnage: 6,276grt Owners: Australind SSCo(Trinder Anderson) 1975: Sold, r/n 'Johanna U' 1983: Arabian Merchant 1984: Lemonia 1984: Broken up, Pusan.
  4. Ionic (I), at Auckland

    Very tastefully hand-coloured photo of 'Ionic' (I) in Auckland Harbour. Photo on very thick card, with authentication sticker on the back stating: 'Real photograph, hand-painted, produced by J.D.Kemp, Auckland, C1, New Zealand.' Ionic (I) Built: 1902 Harland and Wolff, Belfast Tonnage...
  5. Port Wellington (II) 1946

    Port Wellington (II) at Auckland. Built: 1946 John Brown, Clydebank Tonnage: 10,644grt Owners: Port Line Fate: Broken up Castellon, 1971.
  6. Port Nicholson (III) 1962 at Auckland

    What a massive-looking ship with great lines. I think this was taken in Auckland Harbour. About to be overtaken by containerism, and only lasted 19 years accordingly. Port Nicholson (III) Built: 1962 Harland and Wolff, Belfast Tonnage: 13,847gt Owners: Port Line 1979: Broken up, Kaohsiung.
  7. Port Nicholson (II) 1919 at Auckland

    Photo of 'Port Nicholson' (II) taken at Auckland c.1930's, in standard Port Line livery by then, instead of the previous dull grey overall. M.Bond was a well-known ship photographer in Auckland from c.1930 to c.1960(anyone know anything about him?). Port Nicholson (II) Built: 1919 Hawthorn...
  8. Manuia

    Manuia (ex Auriga) at Auckland, 31.12.2001. Couldn't believe my eyes when a real live Dutch coaster turned up at Auckland. I think she was in the process of being converted into some sort of fishing boat, but that is to ignominious to put in the 'fishing boat' category. Check the pic of...
  9. Kakariki

    Kakariki at Wynyard Wharf, Auckland, 7.8.1999. Kakariki Built: 1999 Szczecinska, Szczecin, Poland Tonnage: 27,795gt/46,724net Owners: Silver Fern Shipping Co Still in service
  10. Maunganui at Auckland

    Maunganui at Auckland, c.1963. No trouble getting around the Auckland waterfront in those days. Maunganui Built: 1955 J.Bodewes, Hoogezand Tonnage: 853grt Owners: Northern Steamship Co, Auckland 1971: Sold to Coastal Cruising Co, Rotterdam, r/n Zeehan for trade between E.Australia and...
  11. Remuera (I) at Auckland

    Part of an album of Auckland shipping taken in the 1930's. I think it's Remuera after her 1920 refit and modification. Remuera Built: 1911 Wm Denny and Bros, Dumbarton Tonnage: 11,445grt Owners: NZ Shipping Co 1940: Sunk by German torpedo bombers off NE coast of Scotland, 26.8.1940.
  12. Ruahine (II)

    Ruahine (II)--I think--at Auckland. Postcard says: 'Sectional view of Waterfront, Auckland. Pro. 1.1.12, W.B. and Co, Auckland.' If 1.1.12 is a date, then it must be Ruahine. Ruahine Built: 1909 Wm Denny and Bros, Dumbarton Tonnage: 10,832grt Owners: NZ Shipping Co 1938: Converted to cargo...
  13. Athenic (II)

    Athenic at Auckland, looks like post 1965 by the lack of extra lifeboats, and by which time she was cargo only. Athenic Built: 1947 Harland and Wolff, Belfast tonnage: 15,182grt Owners: Shaw Savill and Albion Co 1969: Broken up Kaohsiung.
  14. Royal Odyssey at Auckland

    Royal Odyssey at Auckland, c.1990's Royal Odyssey Built: 1973 Wartsila, Helsinki Tonnage: 28,018grt Owners: Royal Cruise Line 1973: Built as Royal Viking Sea, 21,897grt 1983: lengthened, 28,018grt 1991: Royal Odyssey 1997: Norwegian Star 2001: Norwegian Star I 2002: Crown 2004: Albatros.......
  15. Matua

    USSCo's Matua catching the morning sun in Auckland,1968. Matua Built: 1936 Hawthorne Leslie, Hebburn Tonnage: 4,193grt Owners: Union SSCo of NZ 1968: Sultan K.L. 1970: Broken up Kaohsiung.
  16. Waipori at Auckland

    Waipori at Auckland, c.1950's Waipori Built: 1938 Hawthorn Leslie, Hebburn Tonnage: 4,282grt Owners: Union SSCo of NZ 1966: Pacific Mariner 1969: Broken up Hong Kong.
  17. Pukeko (II) launching

    The launching of Pukeko at Lamonts yard, 12.6.1961. Photo damaged in fire at our place, 1961. Pukeko Built: 1961 J.Lamont, Port Glasgow Tonnage: 1,020grt Owners: Richardson and Co, Napier 1975: Sirdhana Fortune 1982: Almoussa 1987: Almoussa D. 1988: Caught fire, 17.10.1988 off Mokha and...
  18. Pukeko (II) at Auckland

    Pukeko anchored at Auckland c.1970's. Looks like some sort of containers on deck--any comments Dave/Duncan? The last Richardson coaster to be built--sturdy, fine lines. Pukeko Built: 1961 J.Lamont, Port Glasgow Tonnage: 1,020grt Owners: Richardson and Co, Napier 1975: Sirdhana Fortune...
  19. Port Melbourne (III) at Auckland

    Looks like she might be about to depart Auckland--one of my favourite Port liners--beautifully balanced lines--streamlining not overdone. Port Melbourne Built: 1955 Harland and Wolff, Belfast Tonnage: 10,470grt Owners: Port Line Ltd 1972: Therisos Express 1974: Danae 1976: Converted to...
1-19 of 53 Results