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  1. Australia Star (I) at Napier

    Australia Star (I) at Napier, February 1962. The ship partially obscured is FSN's 'Suffolk'. Australia Star (I) Built: 1935 Harland and Wolff, Belfast Tonnage: 11, 124grt Owners: Blue Star Line 1964: Broken up Faslane.
  2. Adelaide Star (II) at Napier

    A snapshot sent to me in the '60's by Blue Star Line, Napier, who took photos of a number of their ships visiting Napier. Adelaide Star Built: 1950 John Brown, Clydebank Tonnage: 12,037grt Owners: Blue Star Line 1975: Broken up Masan.
  3. Port Phillip (IV) at Napier

    Port Phillip at Napier, 25.2.1962. Port Pirie is in the background. Port Phillip Built: 1942 Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Newcastle Owners: Port Line Fate: Broken up Shanghai, 1971.
  4. Port Lyttelton (II) at Napier

    Snapshot of Port Lyttelton at Napier, between 11-17.1.1962. Apologies for average quality. Port Lyttelton Built: 1947 Hawthorn Leslie, Hebburn Owners: Port Line Fate: Broken up Faslane, 1972.
  5. Port Chalmers (IV) at Napier

    Port Chalmers (IV) at Napier, March 1962--one of my first photos. Port Chalmers Built: 1933 Tonnage: 8,535grt Builders: Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Wallsend 1965: Broken up at Kaohsiung.
  6. Taiko at Napier

    Taiko at Napier, 28.12.2005 Taiko Built: 1984 Mitsubishi, Nagasaki Owners: Silver Fern Shipping 2007: Atlantia Still in service
  7. Pakura at Napier

    Snapshot of Pakura bought at collectables fair. Pakura Built: 1922 N.V.Scheef van der Windt, Vlaardingen Tonnage: 721grt Owners: Richardson and Co, Napier 1922: Built as 'Maja' for Dutch owners 1923: Sold to J.Geddes and A.M.Couper, U.K., r/n Sunnyhill 1924: Sold to Richardson and Co, r/n Pakura, he
  8. Kopara at Napier

    One of my earliest attempts at ship photography. Kopara at Napier. Not very well composed--the severely upright 'Devon' of Federal SN seems to dominate. Taken 16 January 1962. Kopara Built: 1938 Henry Robb, Leith Tonnage: 679grt Owners: Richardson and Co, Napier 1966: Sarang 1969: Cherry Chepat 198
  9. Wharanui at Napier

    Taken at Napier, c. early 1960's. Given to me by a NZSCo employee. Sister of Whakatane and Whangaroa. Wharanui Built: 1956: John Brown and Co, Clydebank Tonnage: 8,701grt Owners: NZ Shipping Co 1966: Federal SN colours 1967: Transferred to Federal SN ownership--the only one of the trio 1969: Transfe
  10. Talleyrand (II) at Napier

    Taken at Napier c.1960's Talleyrand Built: 1949 Eriksbergs, Gothenberg Tonnage: 6,126grt Owners: Wilh. Wilhelmsen 1971: Minerva 1978: Broken up Gadani Beach.
  11. Cap Domingo at Napier

    Taken at Napier c.1962 Cap Domingo Built: 1958 Kieler Howaldt, Kiel Tonnage: 2,879grt Owners: Hamburg-South America Line 1970: Crux 1973: Marko Polo 1985: Broken up at Split.
  12. Cap Corrientes at Napier

    Taken at Napier c. September 1961. Off the first film I ever took. Cap Corrientes Built: 1958 Kieler Howaldt, Kiel Tonnage: 4,106grt Owners: Hamburg-South America Line 1973: Cacique Namuncura 1973: Northern Frost 1979: Multi Frost 1982: Albatross 1983: Broken up at Shanghai.
  13. Titoki (II) at Napier

    Taken May 1961. I think it's Cape Wrath in the background, who was in port at that time. Titoki Built: 1958 E.J.Smit, Westerbroek Tonnage: 855grt Owners: Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co, Nelson 1982: Wild Rover 1985: Varuna 1985: Golden Pearl 1986: Intercity 1987: Broken up.
  14. Wairata at Napier

    My first ship photo, taken at Napier c.1962 on a Kodak Brownie(plastic) camera. Sorry it's not centred--no guidelines in the viewfinder. Wairata Built: 1943 Pennsylvania Shipyards Inc., Beaumont, Texas Tonnage: 5,255grt Owners: Union SSCo of Nz 1943: Built as Cape Igvak for the U.S. War Administrati
  15. Crusader at Napier

    Photo given to me by schoolfriend in the 1960's. Crusader Built: 1958 Tonnage: 3,435grt Owners: Crusader Shipping Co 1958: Built as: Edith Thorden, acquired on the stocks Crusader (1958-72), Rentoneverett(1972-83), Scrapped 1983.
  16. City of Khartoum at Napier

    Taken at Napier, c.24-27 March, 1962 City of Khartoum Built: 1946 Barclay Curle, Whiteinch, Glasgow Tonnage: 9,955grt Owners: Ellerman and Hall 1968: Sold to Ben Line, r/n Benalligin 1972: Broken up at Kaohsiung.
  17. City of Coventry at Napier

    Taken at Napier, c.1962, with those famous, unmistakeable cliffs of Bluff Hill. Apologies for poor quality of negative--too much adrenalin, cheap Brownie camera. City of Coventry Built: 1949 Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend Tonnage: 7,568grt 1967: Sold to Austin Nav.Corp, Liberia, r/n
  18. City of Brisbane (III) at Napier

    Taken at Napier, c.1962 on first film on ancient, second-hand Brownie. Always thought this class of Ellerman liner oustanding in balanced lines and THAT funnel. I seem to recall that in berthing at Napier one time, she couldn't quite stop, and ran her bow into the rock face at the shore end of the w
  19. President Pretorius at Napier

    Taken at Napier, c.1962. Apologies for unsteady hand with ancient Brownie. President Pretorius Built: 1943 Tonnage: 7,231grt Owners: Southern Steamships Ltd, S. Africa Built as Draco(AK79)(1943-45), John M. Palmer(1945-47), President Kruger(1947-51), Riviera(1951-53), Effie(1953-58), Pr
  20. Ringulv at Napier

    Taken by the late F. Kemsley at Napier, c. 1961. Ringulv Built: 1961 Tonnage:10,503grt Owner: Ragnar Ringdal
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