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  1. Attica

    Greek tanker ATTICA, imo 5030220/ 223,8m/ 29.741gt/ 16,5kn; 12/1960 completed by Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries, Aioi, Japan, for Liberian Transatlantic Corp., Andros, Greece; 14/02/1978 arrived Kaohsiung for breaking up. Seen Leixões 12/03/1972.

    On sea trials-Ishi harima built 1971-Fortune Type- LADYLIKE 83-LADY V.94-FOTINI 95-ODIN I 96-BU Chittagong 99 A SAD QUESTION: Wich of SD-14-Freedom type -Fortune type will be broken for last? THIS WILL BE A SADLY DAY. for my favourite ships-----

    "Fortune Type" I.H.I. built 1971,on trials (great for my opinion).
1-3 of 3 Results