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  1. HMS Audacious

    A shot of the sinking HMS Audacious (23,300/25,700 ts) after striking a mine on Oct. 27th, 1914 off the coast of Donegal. The mine barrage was laid by the German auxiliary minelayer Berlin off Tory Island. The picture was taken by a passenger aboard RMS Olympic who rushed to help the crippled...
  2. Audacious

    This photo, which may well have been taken from the RMS Olympic. Olympic was steaming near the Second Battle Squadron which was out on gunnery training when 1 year old Audacious hit the mine. Olympic offered her assistance, which in some ways was a foolhardy thing to do as it was initially...

    Rockall last trip

    Rockall last trip

    Us coming alongside at rockall.

    Us coming alongside to take under tow. rockall.

    Us coming alongside to take under tow to ullapool. wound up in his bag.
  8. BF Reg Audacious

    Audacious towing
  9. Audacious

    BF Reg Audacious on a less than comfortable day!
  10. BF 83 "Audacious"

    "Audacious" at quayside at the shipyard in Skagen July 2001. It was built same place 1999. Since the fleet in Skagen have reduced to almost nothing and the remaining fleet don't need the same space anymore, the bassin in the back have been filled up with and a new large drydock is under...
1-10 of 10 Results