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    Italian liner AUGUSTUS of 1952. Comprehensive information here:
  2. NAV, M.V. Flintlock-(6122473)-(R.F.A.)-Fort Augustus Locks Caledonian Canal

    The Miramar Ship Index gives this vessel, IMO Number: 6122473. -? I have only been able to gather a rather limited amount of information concerning this vessel, but what I have learned is detailed below:- Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Naval Armament Vessel, Motor Vessel Flintlock, ordered by The Admiralt
  3. Philippines

    The former Italia liner Augustus did not have long at her Manila berth after I saw her. How lucky I was to have managed to have seen her and spend some time aboard her. It is a great sadness that after so many years in a static role she could not be spared from the scrap yards.

    Two real beauties! Ybarra Line's CABO SAN VICENTE and Italian Line's AUGUSTUS, together at Genoa on a stormy spring evening in 1972.
  5. Augustus

    TSS Augustus at the terminal in Naples.
  6. Bring out the Kodaks!

    Onboard the Augustus, mid-Atlantic in May 1930, the passengers get a chance to snap someting very rare: a fully rigged trader, Grace Harwar, the last of her kind. (Note: she was the last full rigged trader, not the last engineless full-rigger, the Norwegian school ship Sørlandet beat her by lots of
  7. Augustus

    Augustus, 1952/27.090 grt. Lisbon, June 1971

    AUGUSTUS Sister of Guilio Cesare. Built 1952 for ITALIA S.p,A.di Navigazione. T 27,090g, 14,608n. 1951 Nov 19: Launched. 1952 Mar 4: Maiden voyage Genoa-River Plate. 1957 Jan: Plaeed on the Genoa-New York serviee. 1961 Oet: Reverted to the South Ameriean route. 1976 Jan 15: Laid up at Naples. Sept:
1-8 of 8 Results