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  1. Aureol

  2. Aureol

    The beautiful Elder Dempster Line flagship in 1954
  3. Aureol

    Aureol in Brocklebank Dock, Liverpool. Probably mid sixties.
  4. Aureol c.'58

    Elder Dempster liner Aureol anchored somewhere in West Africa about '58
  5. Aureol

    Aureol catches the evening sun, Brocklebank Branch Dock, Liverpool, May 1971. Taken from the B&I ferry Munster/Leinster just in from Dublin and not yet berthed.
  6. Aureol

    Aureol 1951 14083t builder Stephen/Linthouse for Elder Dempster Lines Ltd. Liverpool 1974 Marannia VI broken up Alang 2001
  7. Aureol

    Elder Dempster Line Sailed on her as 3rd Officer in 1966
  8. Aureol

    M.V. Aureol arriving at Las Palmas sometime in 1967.
  9. Washing down

    A.B. at work on M.V. "Aureol" whilst crossing the Bay of Biscay in 1966. No safety harness but at least the bucket was tied off!
  10. Aureol

    Aureol, taken at Southampton 1974 by my late father from Woolston jetty.
1-10 of 10 Results