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  1. Australis

    Used as a floating storage facility at Finnart Oil Terminal.

    ex AMERICA
  3. Australis

    Chandris Lines Arriving at Southampton in the early 1970's
  4. Australis

    This is a bow view of the Greek owned Chandris Liner Australis, formerly the United States Liner, America, in 1973. The ship sailed to and from such a wide variety of ports during her tenure with Chandris, that I can’t identify this location with any certainty. Perhaps others can help make an...
  5. Australis

    Departing Southampton in the early 1970's
  6. Australis

    Photo taken New Waterway near Rozenburg 06-08-2010

    Chandris liner AUSTRALIS berthed at Circular Quay, Sydney, Jan 1966. Built: 1940 by Newport News SB & DD Co as AMERICA. 1964 sold by US Lines to Chandris and renamed AUSTRALIS. 220.4m x 28.4m 22 knots 1978 sold to America Cruise Line (Venture Cruise Lines) and renamed AMERICA. 1978...
  8. Australis - Crossing the Line

    Crossing the Line ceremony on Australis heading for Capetown, June 1974.
  9. Australis

    Australis in Southampton Water 1960s. Don't know actual date. David
  10. Australis and Ocean Lady

    Scapa Flow,9/1/10.Ocean Lady going alongside Australis.

    Photo taken in January 1974. Acapulco Harbour was not deep enough so a shuttle service by lifeboat was used to go ashore.
  12. Australis

    Australis. Cristobal 1967
  13. Australis

    We stopped for half a day at Suva, Fiji in October 1969.
  14. Australis

    This was taken in the Pacific when I sailed on her from Sydney to Los Angeles via Auckland and Suva. We left Circular Quay in Sydney in October 1969.
  15. Australis

  16. Australis

    Australis at Southampton, 17 November 1977 From the Hythe Ferry, just caught the sun spot on !
  17. Australis

    Cabin key I aquired from the Australis in 1975, cabins probably sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic now.
  18. Australis

    Australis at Southampton 1970's. Taken by my late late father.
1-19 of 19 Results