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  1. Westmeath

    Westmeath, Otago Harbour Built: 1939 A Stephen and Sons, Linthouse Tonnage: 7,660grt Owners: Avenue Sg Co 1939: Built as 'Kaipaki' for NZSCO 1955: To Avenue Sg Co, r/n 'Westmeath' 1962: Broken up, Antwerp.
  2. Galway

    Galway arriving Port Chalmers Built: 1959 Smith's Dock, South Bank Tonnage: 6,409grt Owners: Avenue Sg Co 1967: Lengthened, 9,539grt 1975: To P and O General Cargo Division, r/n 'Strathinver' 1976: Sold, r/n 'Golden Fortune' 1983: Wrecked in typhoon, Hong Kong 9.8.1983, broken up.
  3. Donegal

    Donegal departing Port Chalmers Built: A Stephen and Son, Linthouse Tonnage: 6,327grt Owners: Avenue Sg Co 1975: To P and O Cargo Division, r/n 'Strathirvine' 1977: Sold, r/n 'Athina' 1980: Broken up Kaohsiung.
  4. Antrim (II)

    Antrim (II) Heading up Otago Harbour to Port Chalmers, c.1960's--another classic by Doug Wright Built: 1962 A Stephen and Sons, Linthouse Tonnage: 6,421grt Owners: Avenue Sg Co 1975: Transferred to P and O's General Cargo Div., r/n 'Strathinch' 1977: Sold, r/n 'Islami Taaj' 1980: Sold, r/n...
1-4 of 4 Results