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  1. Rata and Waimea

    Anchor's 'Rata' alongside bigger sister, Union SSCo's 'Waimea'. Rata Built 1929 Bow, McLachlan and Co, Paisley Tonnage: 974grt Owners: Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co, Nelson, NZ Fate: Broken up Hong Kong, 1959. Waimea Built: 1953 A.Stephens and Sons, Glasgow Tonnage: 3,657 Owners...
  2. Port Curtis at Auckland

    Photo given to me in the 1960's. Port Curtis Built: 1953 by J.L.Thompson, North Sands Tonnage: 5,635grt Owners: Albyn Line Built as: Thistledowne 1955: Port Line Charter, r/n Port Curtis 1961: Thistledowne 1966: Ratna Jyoti 1972: B.U. Bombay.
  3. Nessbank (I)

    Nessbank (I) Built: 1953 Harland and Wolff, Belfast Tonnage: 5,690grt Owners: Bank Line Ltd 1973: Paris 1978: Tithis 1981: Broken up, Gadani Beach.
  4. Fleetbank (I)

    Fleetbank (I) Built: 1953 Harland and Wolff, Belfast Tonnage: 5,690grt Owners: Bank Line Ltd 1970: Lady Ute 1976: Osia Irini Chrysovalandou II 1978: Camelia--unofficial name, arrested at Sidon 29.4.1978 with illegally diverted cargo--anyone know what that was all about? 1983: Broken up, Bizerta.
  5. Holmwood (III)

    Holmwood (III) coming down Otago Harbour Holmwood(III) Built: 1953 N.V.Bodewes Scheepswerven, Martenhoek Tonnage: 797grt Owners: Holm and Co, Wellington Employed in the Dunedin-Oamaru-Lyttelton-New Plymouth- Onehunga trade. Raglan sometimes. 1972: Union SSCo management and onsold to King...
  6. Baltic Exporter

    Always admired these trim little ships. Postcard bought at a second-hand shop. Photo probably taken during trials. Baltic Exporter Built: 1953 Nobiskrug, Rendsburg Tonnage: 1,665grt Owners: United Baltic Corporation Ltd, London 1969: Eastern Dragon 1969: Lucky Phoenix 1969: Eastern Dragon...
  7. Mariposa (II)

    Mariposa at some exotic port. Sister to Monterey. Mariposa Built: 1953 Bethlehem SB, Quincy, USA Tonnage: 14,812grt Owners: Matson Lines 1953: Built as Pine Tree Mariner for U.S.Dept. of Commerce 1956: Bought by Matson Lines, converted to passenger liner, r/n Mariposa 1983: Jin Jiang...
  8. Middlesex (III)

    Middlesex at anchor, Auckland. Middlesex Built: 1953 A. Stephen, Linthouse Tonnage: 8,284grt Owners: Federal Steam Navigation 1968: Transferred to BISN, r/n Jelunga 1975: Transferred to P and O's General Cargo Div, r/n Strathleven 1977: Broken up, Gadani Beach.
  9. Spica at Napier

    Taken in the early 1960's. I think it's Cretic in the background Spica Built: 1953 Caledon, Dundee Tonnage: 11,810grt 16,875dwt Owners: Det Bergenske D/S 1953: Built as Baron Kilmarnock for H.Hogarth 1957: Sold to Bergenske, r/n Spica 1966: Sold to San Antonio SSCo(J.Manners, mgr), r/n...
  10. Holmpark

    A New Zealand coaster used to salvage the 'Wahine', which capsized in Wellington harbour in a cyclone in 1968, after striking Barrett's Reef. Snapshot sent to me by Holm and Co in the late 1960's. Holmpark Built: 1953 by Renk of Hamburg Tonnage: 596grt Owners: Holm and Co, Wellington 1953...
  11. Irish Elm (II)

    Irish Elm Built: 1953 Wm Gray, West Hartlepool Tonnage: 5,828grt Owners: Irish Shipping Ltd 1963: Ardrossmore 1968: Meadow Court 1970: Glendalough 1972: Broken up at Aviles.
  12. Imperial Transport

    One of several postcards sent by Houlders in the 1960's Inperial Transport Built: 1953 Greenock drydock Tonnage: 11,365grt Owners: Empire Transport Co Ltd(Houlder Bros) 1964: Angeliki 1969: Broken up at Kaohsiung.
  13. Norscot

    One of several postcards sent by Denholms in the 1960's. Norscot Built: 1953 Chas. Connell, Scotstoun Tonnage: 12,709grt Owners: Denholms/Connell/Norwegian co? 1963: Pampero 1970: La Condamine 1975: Broken up at Vinaroz.
1-13 of 13 Results