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  1. Baghdad

    Seen alongside Canary Wharf in London's West India Dock Fred Olsen's Baghdad is a typical example of a superb Canary Islands trader. Built 1956 she was 3,862 gr tons.
  2. Baghdad

    One of the newly incorporated national lines in the sixties was the Iraqi Line that ran a small number of very smart looking well kept vessels to London. Seen here is the Kherson built Baghdad inward bound at Rosherville in 1977. Dating from 1972 she was 9,858 gr tons.

    Iraqi ship great baghdad . built in kherson shipyard 1.1.1971, arrived to along as Veesham III at 2.7.1971
  4. Baghdad

    M/S Baghdad from Fred Olsen was torpedoed by the German U-boat U-155 in the caribbean, 30 May 1942. It was 9 casualties and 21 survivors. All additional information is welcome.

    MV Baghdad and me at Holland 1984
1-5 of 5 Results