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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Posting on behalf of my father. Brian Gallagher, I was a cook/std, worked on Kelly's Line, Belfast for many years; including the Ballykelly, Ballyrory, Ballygarvey, Ballyrush and the Ballygrainey. Just wondering if anyone on here that served with me is still alive and I hope I haven't...
  2. M.V. Ballykelly

    Ballykelly leaving West Twin Power Station Belfast Scanned from a calendar for John Kelly Limited. Original painting by Denis J. McDowell, year not known but could be around 1983. Comments and corrections welcome. Crawford
  3. Ballykelly

    Ballykelly - sailing from belfast
  4. Ballykelly

    Ballykelly - herdman Channel Belfast
  5. Ballykelly.

    The "Ballykelly", John Kelly Ltd,. Belfast, built as the Lis Danielsen. Alongside HowdensLtd., Bank quay, Larne, early 80's.
  6. Ballykelly

    Leaving Larne Lough, early 80's, in the background is Ballygally Head, home to Cairndu Golf Club, where one of her former skippers Capt. Bryan McEvoy still plays.
  7. Ballykelly and the Ballykern.

    Those were the days, when there was some decent comings and goings at Larne (now it's just P & O ) the "Ballykern" after leaving the Bank quays, passing the pride of the fleet, the "Ballykelly",in for a long weekend. April '83
  8. "Ballykelly"

    The Ballykelly passing Larne No 3, (used to be called the Spit buoy) 26-7-82. the Ballykelly was built for OT Danielsen, Denmark as "Lis Danielsen" A bit of a change from the steamer's.
  9. Ballykelly

    John Kelly's "Ballykelly" in Larne Lough, with coal for the Bank quay, from She was built as the Danish reg. Lis Danielson. A fine looking ship.
1-9 of 9 Results