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  1. Ballyrory

    At Belfast circa 1978-1980
  2. Ballyrory

    At Belfast circa 1978-1980
  3. Ballyrory

    The "Ballyrory", John Kelly Ltd., Belfast, negotiating the tight turn to approach the Bank quay, Larne. late 70's.
  4. Ballyrory/Samos Luck

    Nearing the last time in Belfast for her, Kelly's Ballyrory changing owners and renamed Samos Luck. Alongside a wharf in Abercorn Basin Belfast, April 83. Shes gone , the wharf's gone and the basin is being filled in for some redevelopment.
  5. Ballyrory

    Kellys "Ballyrory "in Hamilton drydock, H & W Belfast, May 1982, when the coal trade was a bit slack. Ballyrory, built 1963, 1575 grt.
  6. Ballyrory at Carrickfergus.

    Kellys "Ballyrory" approaching the berth in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim. Ballyrory built 1963 1575grt.
  7. Ballyrory

    John Kelly's (Belfast) "Ballyrory" approaching the pierhead Carrickfergus, Belfast Lough, with coal about 1978. Ballyrory built 1963, Hall Russell, Aberdeen, 1575 grt.
1-7 of 7 Results