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  1. Balmoral

    Here is another photo of the Balmoral. Any information is welcome. Frank
  2. Balmoral

    Here is the SS Balmoral, it looks like she is in the Channel. Any information is welcome. Frank
  3. Balmoral

    Part of Fred Olsen Lines display at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Cruise Terminal on 16th August 2016

    Anything known about this first(?) generation paddle steamer?
  5. Balmoral

    Another vessel which needs no introduction - berthed in Riga, Latvia.
  6. Balmoral

    MV Balmoral berthed at the North Pier, Oban, early morning.
  7. Balmoral

    MV Balmoral arriving at Oban as the sun goes down.
  8. Balmoral

    Fred Olsen Cruises Arriving on the River Tyne on 23rd July 2016
  9. Balmoral

    Alongside the pier at Ilfracombe on a Bristol Channel excursion out of Bristol
  10. Balmoral

    Balmoral at Narrow Water on its way up to Newry via Newry Canal
  11. Balmoral

    Fred Olsen Cruises Passing Fawley Refinery inbound to Southampton on 1st December 2012
  12. Balmoral

    Departing astern from Ilfracombe

    The BALMORAL passing Penmon Point Lighthouse at the eastern entrance to the Menai Strait on 20th June 2009. On the right of the photograph is Puffin Island.

    Fred. Olsen. In St George's. Bermuda. Never been there! oil on panel, 8 x 10 inches, 2014
  15. MV Balmoral

    Berthed at Greenock maybe after the Millport illuminations cruise.
  16. Balmoral

    Station Pier, Melbourne
  17. Balmoral

    Cruising along the North Devon coast on a sailing from Bristol to Ilfracombe and return
  18. Balmoral

    Sailing close to Lynmouth during a cruise through the Bristol Channel
  19. Balmoral

    Balmoral seen sailing from Southampton
  20. Balmoral

    Gently rolling her way down the Bristol Channel
1-20 of 81 Results