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baltic sun
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  1. Baltic Sun

    Built by Krogerwerft at Rendsburg in 1962 the Baltic Sun was the latest in a line of fine looking vessels for UBC. At 3,531 gr tons she is seen arriving in The Thames at Tilbury in 1964.
  2. Baltic Sun

    BALTIC SUN 1962 3505 tgr United Baltic Corp blt Krogerwerft /Rendsburg 73-REEFER CITY B/up Kaohsiungh 21-1-84 Original sketch of her at the site of the original Tower Bridge Wharf which with the adjacent Mark Brown's wharf became part of the Hay's Wharf complex.Courage's 'Anchor Brewery' is in t
  3. Baltic Sun

    A dreary day on the Thames with Baltic Sun alonside her berth adjacent to Tower Bridge.
  4. Baltic Sun

    United Baltic Company's refrigerated ship "Baltic Sun" in the Pool of London, at least I think that's what it was called - the photo was taken from Tower Bridge. Built by Krogerwerft, Rendsburg, in 1962 she was powered by two x 10 cylinder M.A.N. engines driving a single screw to give 15.
1-4 of 4 Results