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  1. Baltika

    Baltic State Shipping Co Getting up close as PS Waverley passes her inbound to the Pool of London on 15th September 1984
  2. Baltika

    Looking good at all angles - a favourite measure of a beautiful ship. The Russian Baltika does pretty well by most standards. Built by NDSM Amsterdam she is seen leaving Tilbury Landing Stage for sea.
  3. Baltika

    Completed by NDSM Amsterdam in 1940 the Russian liner Baltika was a familiar Thames visitor. Of 7,494 gr tons she is seen at Tilbury Landing Stage in 1971.
  4. Baltika

    Baltic Steamship Co Close up view from PS Waverley 15th September 1985
  5. Baltika at Tilbury Landing Stage 15 August 1974

    A familiar and regular visitor to the Tilbury Landing Stage, Baltika always looked very smart. Sorry for the poor colour in this photo, it was taken a long time ago!
  6. Baltika

    All is not what it seems here! The Baltika is part of a film set, the red-band on the starboard side of the funnel has been masked out, the vintage car is part of the set...the lady however is waiting for the ferry to Gravesend. Does anyone recall the name of the film?
  7. Baltika

    Nearing the end of her days but still smart with a blue stripe added to her hull. Here at Tilbury on 15 September 1985
  8. Baltika

    At anchor in the Thames in the late 1960's
  9. Baltika

    Russian passenger liner Baltika sits at Tibury Landing Stage.

    built Amsterdam 1940 - delivered to USSR as VYACHESLAV MOLOTOV - became BALTIKA in 1957 photographed sailing from Tilbury 25.5.67 finally arrived Gadani Beach 28.3.87 to be broken up

    After the shot ,this little piece of artwork by me in 1969.
  12. Baltika

    Departing Tilbury Landing Stage, 1983. Not an ocean liner, nor a modern cruise ship, so feel free to tell me if it's in the wrong category.
  13. Baltika

    BALTIKA moored in Stockholm during September 1971.
1-13 of 13 Results