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  1. Bamburgh Castle

    Bamburgh Shipping Bamburgh Castle seen departing Birkenhead after discharging at Bidston on her way to Monrovia
  2. Bamburgh Castle

    Bamburgh Shipping Co Ltd, Bamburgh Castle awaiting the iron ore berth at Narvik then loading for Glasgow General Terminus.
  3. unknown ore carrier = Bamburgh Castle

    BAMBURGH CASTLE 1959 11894 tgr Bamburgh Sg blt Swan Hunter/Low Walker 76-EVA b/up Tsingsao 5-84. Having found a photo of her in CRANFIELD's gallery. detail from an original .

    W.A. Souter's BAMBURGH CASTLE was photographed by the late Dick Parsons, probably at Newport. Built by Swan Hunter at Wallsend in 1959, she was sold to Pothitos in 1976 and renamed EVA. She was broken up at Tsingtao in May 1984
  5. Ore Carrier Days (5)

    Bamburgh Castle approaches the Minches, approx 2200 on a lovely summers eve 1975, Birkenhead to Murmansk
  6. Bamburgh Castle,Glasgow

    BISCO charter, at The General Terminus 1975
  7. Bamburgh Castle

    Bamburgh Shipping Co(W.A.Souter) 0.n. 186891, 17020dwt General terminus quay,Glasgow 1975.
1-7 of 7 Results