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  1. The Bridge
    Before containers all reefer cargo was just carried in refrigerated holds. If you have bananas as a cargo you have two problems , continous air change ( to remove CO2 ) and removal of water from cooling the air and the sweating of the cargo. If bananas are now carried in containers how do they...
  2. Bananas For sale

    Selling Bananas for the first time since the war began.
  3. TSS Camito, April 1960 Well Appointed Bar

    Smiling faces at the bar provided outstanding service for 120 passengers.
  4. TSS Camito in Port Antonio, Jamaica, April 1960

    She carried bananas and 120 passengers in comfortable accommodations.
  5. Tropical Sky

    Tropical Sky loading Bananas in Panabo wharf
  6. Bananas

    Special purpose machinery designed by the United Fruit Company.
  7. still loading

    Altara carrier still loading bananas at Panabo wharf.
  8. ready to sail

    ready to depart with a cargo of bananas from Panabo.
  9. Bananas, New York

    A Grace Line ship unloading bananas in New York. The bananas comes ashore on a conveyor belt, a sling of coffee is brought ashore by the ship's cargo-gear. Fifties.
  10. loading bananas

    loading bananas from the large rowing boats in Jamaica
  11. ss MATINA 1953

    Off Bowden, Jamaica
1-11 of 11 Results