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  1. Weybank 1971

    Classic Bank Line Marconi radio station complete with first trip deep sea on my own sparky.
  2. Bank Line Garden at Pallion Shipyard

    I had been told of the existence of this whilst working for Bank Line but always wondered if it still existed - passing through Sunderland I went for a look, the Group 4 guard seemed bemused that someone was interested but showed it me, apologising for it's state. Nothing a sweeping and coat of...
  3. Moraybank

    Moraybank on her way out past Green Island, Hong Kong.
  4. Moraybank

    Moraybank leaving Hong Kong.
  5. Unknown Bank Boat

    Does anyone Know what ship and what happened?
  6. Eastbank, Japanese vessel, Precila

    Bank Line Eastbank, lying alongside vessel Precila(?)..familiar colours but not sure...Dutch (?), and Japanese vessel inside again. City vessel to the right. Possibly in one of the Calcutta docks.
  7. the bar

    a picture for all the ex bank line people how much time did we spend in here
  8. Comliebank (II)

    Snapshot of 'Comliebank' (II) arriving Dunedin? Comliebank Built: 1924 Harland and Wolff, Glasgow Tonnage: 5,149grt Owners: Bank Line Fate: Broken up Japan, 1959
  9. Bank Line Sparky

    I believe this is Mike Coulter who was Sparks when I was serving as 3/O on the Inverbank c1965. He was South African, from Durban I think. We borrowed his dad's car for a trip to HluHlui Game Reserve on our only day off in nearly two years! Best....Howard
  10. Eastbank 1960

    Paddy Ramsey and Johnny Pye (johnnytwocoats) The other two apprentices on the Eastbank 1960
  11. Fleetbank 1959

    Roger Smallwood and P-J Langdon Apps on the Fleetbank 1st half of 1959. I might have Roger's name wrong. It was a long time ago!
  12. Eastbank 1960

    Lefty in the middle. Paddy Ramsey Snr App. on the left and Alex bell 6th Eng on the right.
  13. Fleetbank 1959

    Left to right. Wally Smith 5thEng(Aussy), Wilf 2nd leccy, 3rd Mate (from Bude) and SnrLeccy. At Sea !!!
  14. Eastbank 1960

    off Lagos Christmas 1960
  15. johnnytwocoats

    taken on his first bank Line ship, Eastbank 1960
  16. Rosebank c1963

    Leaving Capetown 1963
  17. Crew Lists Bank Line

    Crew Lists for Bank Line Ships Autumn /Winter 1973
  18. Crew Lists Bank Line

    Crew Lists for Bank Line Ships Autumn / Winter 1973
  19. Gowanbank in Calcutta dry dock.

    Gowanbank with a shiny prop.,Calcutta drydock 1970.
1-20 of 70 Results