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  1. Completed indenture account, Bankline

    Completed account for 3 yrs. and 6 months as apprentice and acting 3M with Bank Line '52-'56
  2. Eastbank engineer

    They just happened to be passing by and they agreed to pose for him. Honest. Yokohama perhaps, '53.
  3. Gowanbank

    taken in Bombay 1969
  4. Kelvinbank

    Just wrecked on Ocean Island
  5. Inchanga at Madras 1952

    Taken at madras when swinging in he harbour.
  6. Moraybank

    1977 - 5/E cabin and from left - 3/E Dave Nichol and wife Pat in front 4/E Geoff Leach 3/O wife Anne Lecky Donald McNeil R/O Keith Woodley
  7. Moraybank

    Photo taken 1977
  8. Shirrabank

    Photo taken at Gove, Northern Territory, Australia in August 1975.
  9. Nairnbank

    Photo taken from our ship the Meadowbank as we arrived in Houston on 18 May 1976. No need to say what happened with two Bankline boats in the same place. Believe Phil Hill from a previous trip was on the Nairnbank at the time.
  10. Teignbank

    Not the smartest job on the block eh!
  11. Teakbank

    Bank Line cargo ship
  12. Tweedbank

    Another of the classic 60's replacements
  13. Corabank

    Another of the later general cargo vessels
  14. Eastbank

    First of the replacement class
  15. Clydebank

    Later Bank Line
1-15 of 16 Results