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    Unknown Photographer.
  2. Barcelona

    View across the port taken from Island Breeze on 27th November 1997
  3. Maasdam

    Maasdam and others departing Barcelona
  4. Michelle C

    Carisbrooke Shipping's Michelle C at Barcelona
  5. Monterey

    Seen from the deck of Oceanic. A pity that the rebuild compromised her earlier appearance.
  6. Villa de Madrid 1939

    The partly sunken Spanish passenger vessel Villa de Madrid with a heavy list at a pier in Barcelona. She was bombed by Nationalist airplanes shortly before 26 Jan 1939, when the town was taken by Franco troops. The photograph was taken around Febr/March 1939. The mixed passenger/cargo ship VILLA DE
  7. Barcelona

    View of the docks at Barcelona on 27th November 1997
  8. Barcelona 1925

    The old "container" terminals looked much better than the new ones...
  9. Barcelona, 1930.

    The old sailing ships and the new motor ships, all in the same port...

  11. Barcelona

    A view of the port with a couple of naval vessels alongside plus a CNAN ro-ro

  13. Bulbous Bow of Barcelona (Table Bay)

    Bulbous Bow of Barcelona (Table Bay)
  14. Bridge Of Barcelona (Table Bay)

    Bridge Of Barcelona (Table Bay)
  15. Bridge Of Barcelona (Table Bay)

    Bridge Of Barcelona (Table Bay)
  16. Barcelona - El Puerto

    Spanish Post Card (beginning 1900-th)
  17. Barcelona

    Another of Barcelona`s marina`s .....this one is almost surrounded by good bars and lovely resturants ......great `spot` to spend an enjoyable evening :o) :o)
  18. Barcelona

    One of Barcelona`s many marina`s.....a really nice spot for a beer or 2 and watch the `world` go by. :o) :o)

    Barcelona harbour, year 1.977 or 1.978.
1-20 of 31 Results