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  1. Maritime Family History Research
    Does anyone have any information about the ships which took the British, South African and other troops who were captured at El Alamein and Tobruk to the transit POW camp 65 in Bari? We believe one of the ships in the convoy was attacked and sunk by the Allies, and another ship was badly...
  2. Sveti Stefan

    Legendary fery-boat at Bar,Montenegro,1970's. She sailed on a regular line(twice a week# between Bar and Bari 35 years without an incident. Owner:Prekookeanska Plovidba Bar,Yugoslavia IMO 5091133 Year: 1958 Name as built: DJURSLAND Flag as built: DNK Tons: 1619 DWT: 625 Length...
  3. Riviera del Conero

    Ferry Riviera del Conero in Bari unloading after Durres (Albania) to Bari overnight crossing. No access to the vehicle deck from the inside of the ferry so all passengers had to disembark, then drivers had to walk on via the vehicle ramp to get their vehicles. Interesting way of doing things...
  4. Harbours of Puglie in the first half of 1900

    Harbour of Bari. Trabaccolo
  5. Harbours of Puglie in the first half of 1900

    Brigantine and Schooner at Bari
  6. Bari, ex Pillau

    Bought with a bundle of snapshots taken 1927-29 at Collectables fair about 10 years ago. Says on the back:'An Italian warship, Adriatic Sea, Venice, Jan.8th, 1928. Decorated for birthday of Queen Mother.' Looks to me ex-German, and I'm opting for Bari, ex Pillau.
  7. Bari

    BARI 1974 9682 tgr W.Ger. taken at 30 Quay Tilbury 14-8-74 On charter to Elder Dempster.
1-7 of 7 Results