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  1. Glomar III in Bass Strait.jpg

    Global Marine drillship GLOMAR III in Bass Strait sometime in late 1960s. Photo courtesy of Esso-BHP. Supply boat is not identified, but could be the SUPER TIDE from Tidewater Port Jackson Marine Pty Ltd (later Tidewater Marine Australia Pty Ltd).

    HMAS BUCCANEER – Attack class Patrol Boat during routine fisheries patrol in Bass Strait Australia. Pic taken on 1/11/79
  3. Glomar III (1963)

    Self-propelled drilling ship GLOMAR III (2860 tons, built 1963 for Global Marine Inc). Employed by joint-venture partners BHP and Esso Exploration Australia over continental shelf in Bass Strait between Australia and Tasmania in the 1960s. On 18 February 1965 it drilled Australia's first...
1-3 of 3 Results