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  1. Bass Trader

    Bass Trader Australian National Line ANL Runs from Melbourne to North Tasmania Ports. Here she is at Bell Bay early 1970 -71

    On sea trials built byN.S.W. gov For Australian Coastal Shipping comm.
  3. Bass Trader

    Seen here off Sullivans Cove in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia prior to turning around to berth at the Macquarie Wharf no 5 Ro-Ro Berth, at the time she was employed on the Coastal Express Line and she speant her days traveling between Hobart, Bell Bay and Sydney. The Coastal Express Line was...
  4. Bass Trader

    Bass Trader outwards from Webb Dock, Melbourne 1962
  5. Bass Trader under construction 1975

    Australian National Line (ANL) roll-on/roll-off vessel BASS TRADER under construction at New South Wales State Dockyard, Newcastle, Australia. Photo dated 6 November 1975.
  6. Bass Trader~Brisbane 82

    ANL's coastal roro Bass Trader seen depating Brisbane 1982
  7. Bass Trader

    Seen here berthed at Macquarie wharf no 5 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She is has since been coverted to a ferry and is operating in europe. Updated on: 16/10/08 replaced image with better quality scan
1-8 of 8 Results