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  1. Ship Research
    A small team of volunteers are endeavouring to re-create the crew lists of the 151 Royal Navy ships at the Battle of Jutland (31st May to 1st June 1916). We would value any information on names that we have not currently found so that these can be added to the appropriate crew lists. Please...
  2. HMS Caroline

    Newly opened to the public exactly 100 years after the Battle of Jutland. She is the last survivor of the battle.
  3. Battle of Jutland - Torpedo boat attack

    The picture shows the attack of the 3rd German torpedo boat flotilla against the 5th and 6th British Battleship Squadron on May 31st, 1916, about 7.50 p.m. The attack included the boats V 73, G 88, S 54 and G 42. Initially they were ordered to rescue the crew of the crippled cruiser Wiesbaden...
  4. SMS Wiesbaden

    The German light cruiser Wiesbaden seen here during trial runs in the Baltic Sea, Aug./Sept. 1915. She was launched on Jan. 20th, 1915 by A.G. Vulcan, Stettin-Bredow as yard number 357 and commissioned on Aug. 23rd. Wiesbaden took part in the Battle of Jutland within the II. Scouting Group and...
1-4 of 4 Results