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  1. CP Valour 16. Arrival.....

    The Portugese chopper arrives at last. The salvage crew are huddled together right aft. Faial, Azores. 20/09/2006. By kind permission of Smudger Smith.
  2. CP Valour 15. Getting panicky now....

    The swell is too high to take the salvage crew off from the accomodation ladder. The Portugese Air Force is scrambled. Faial, Azores. 20/09/2006. By kind permission of Smudger Smith.
  3. CP Valour 7. Away to Lisbon ......

    well, that was the plan......... Faial, Azores 20/09/2006.
  4. CP Valour 6. A sprint!

    Maersk Achiever ( 23,480 bhp and 267 ton bp), Ayton Cross ( 4,400 bhp and 55 ton bp ) Remo ( 6,475 and 81 tons bp) & out of sight, the Battleaxe ( 3,800 and 52 ton bp) shoot ahead as the CP Valour is afloat for the first time in 10 months. With this kind of combined power ...38,155 bhp...
  5. CP Valour 5. She's Off !

    Literally and figuratively . CP Valour , totally light with no cargo, fuel, ballast or even accomodation flies off her volcanic resting place with such force that it catches the tugmasters slightly unawares...... More to follow with the kind permission of Smudger Smith of the Batleaxe.
1-5 of 5 Results