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  1. Yamato model.jpg

    This giant 10th scale model of the Japanese Battleship Yamato is on display in Kure. People on the balcony provide additional scale to the size of this model.
  2. HMS Hood. 'Battle Flags Flying'

    HMS Hood with battle flags flying, in the early morning of the 24th May 1941, as she alters course to engage the Bismarck.
  3. Commonwealth

    Builder: Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Govan Cost: £1,471,527 Laid down: 17 June 1902 Launched: 13 May 1903 Completed: March 1905 Commissioned: 9 May 1905 Decommissioned: February 1921 Fate: Sold for scrapping 18 November 1921 Although Commonwealth and her...
  4. Malaya

    In one of the shell rooms onboard HMS Malaya, a 15 inch projectile being moved.
  5. St Vincent

    Scanned image from "Official Programme of the Coronation Review" dated Spithead, June 24th 1911 She was commissioned on 3 May 1910 as 2nd flagship of 1st Division Home Fleet at Portsmouth. She was commanded by Capt. Douglas R. L. Nicholson and was flagship of Rear-Admiral Richard H. Peirse...
  6. St Vincent

    Undated postcard of St Vincent in a floating drydock in the River Medway. St Vincent, name ship of the class. Built at Portsmouth Dockyard Laid Down : 30 Dec 1907 Launched : 10 Sept 1908 Completed : 3 May 1909 Displacement normal: 19560 tons Displacement full: 23030 tons Length...
  7. Wisconsin

    USS Wisconsin (BB-64) underway with other warships in the western Pacific Ocean, circa December 1944 - August 1945. Note Essex Class aircraft carrier in background. Official United States Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives and Records Administration. Photographed...
  8. Duke of York

    Photographed in 1945 in the Pacific while part of the British Pacific Fleet, established towards the end of the war in Europe. HMS Duke of York joined the fleet in its operational area August 1945 and was present at Tokyo Bay in September as part of the fleet for the formal surrender of Japan...
  9. Queen Elizabeth

    WWII photograpph, no details , other than QE, WWII writen on the back. Could be Queen Elizabeth or one of the class
  10. Vanguard

    Undated photo, on board taken from the bow
  11. Royal Oak

    HMS Royal Oak as viewed from HMS Queen Elizabeth (Flagship of the Med Fleet) taken in Mediterranean during Naval Exercises, about mid 1930’s , photo from a 1935 magazine

    Photographed at Naples during a 4 day visit during March 1949
  13. Iowa

    This a Public Domain picture was taken in 1984, I purchased the print of this on a visit to the Iowa when she was in Portsmouth. A bow view of the battleship USS IOWA (BB-61) firing its Mark 7 16-inch/50-caliber guns off the starboard side during a fire power demonstration
  14. Iowa

    The #2 turret of the USS Iowa (BB-61) explodes on April 19, 1989, killing 47 members of the turret crew. The left gun of Turret One in the background is fully elevated as its crew tries to clear a misfire that occurred earlier by trying to coax the powder bags to slide backwards against the...
  15. Dreadnought- type battleship?= HMS AGINCOURT

    Could anyone put a name to this one, please?
  16. Tower Bridge and Cruiser = Belfast

    14-08-2004 waiting for my ship to arrive I took a trip around London
  17. USS Iowa

    March 1989, Inbound Mississippi River enroute Avondale Shipyards. Photo from escorting USCG patrol boat.
  18. USS Texas

    Those big guns still fascinate
  19. USS VIRGINIA sailing for Mexico

    Photo from the collection of the Library of Congress. It is indicated on the website for the photo: "No known restrictions on publication" so I assume the photo is now on Public Domain. More information on the USS VIRGINIA here: The...
  20. HMS Canopus

    Pre-Dreadnought battleship passing some of her older wooden sisters
1-20 of 24 Results